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Fremont Antique Glass

Cone pieces mix (these are not full cones)

Cone pieces mix (these are not full cones)

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This box contains 9lb mix of Fremont glass from the cone of the blown cylinder. Cones are cut open and trimmed down to various sizes ranging from 4”x4” and down, but still have a curve in them. The colors are a mix of whatever we have recently made in the hot shop. Most Fremont glass fuses around coe 96, and are made with Spruce pine batch.

Most of our colors mix well together but we always recommend running your own tests, especially before mixing with any other brand of glass.

*Aventurine is not straight spruce pine and thus not compatible with our other glass. It is high expansion, so run your tests before using.

*Strikers! Some of our hot colors and even our white will strike (white can strike/unstrike to clear). So again, run your tests first!

 Fremont glass is mouth blown, first into a cylinder, then scored open and flattened, no two pieces will be alike. Bubbles, small creases, marks from the flattening process and other human touches may be visible. Pieces may be irregularly shaped. We think you'll find the luminosity unparalleled and the quality of the color exquisite. 

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