The nature of hand made objects is such that variations occur and marks may be made on the glass. Colors and patters may vary within a sheet of glass and between sheets. Please understand that these variations along with marks made during production are part of the beauty of this process of making traditional antique mouth blown glass. 

Can I visit Fremont? Yes!  Please contact us to make an appointment for shopping at the warehouse and to view glass production. Fremontantiqueglass@gmail.com
or call (206) 468-3483
What is antique sheet glass?
Antique sheet glass refers to the way that the glass sheets are made: the process includes blowing a cylinder, cooling, cutting it, followed by heating and flattening into a sheet, then reflattening on both sides. Glass has been made in this method for about 1000 years.
It takes 2 days to complete one sheet of Fremont Antique Glass. Approximately 14 sheets of glass are made per day.
What are the advantages of using antique sheet glass?
Because it is hand blown, antique sheet glass has a vibrant fire polished surface and infinite variations in color and texture suitable for fine art glass installations.
How Can Fremont Antique Glass be used?
Our glass can be used in stained glass projects and architectural applications. Flashed glass can be etched or engraved, painted, and fired. Fusing: Current Fremont glass is generally formulated with Spruce Pine batch to work with Gaffer and Reichenbach colors. It may fuse close to 96, but we always recommend running your own tests because we may vary our glass recipe slightly pending on color. Spruce pine tends to devitrify quickly. We recommend placing glass with surface frit so the textured side is up.  Older Fremont glass has various base glass and may not be compatible with current glass production. Note - Glass with gold aventurine is not fusing compatible with other Fremont glass.
Glass terms
Pricing codes are determined by the materials and process used to make the glass. Other letters and terms describe the glass. 
CR glass is dipped into water in the blowing process to create a crackle pattern and then reheated to seal the cracks.
CUR is curious glass that may have had a proprietary method or color application applied.
F glass is clear glass with a layer of color on one side. This can be etched or engraved to reveal clear.
G glass is usually transparent glass with some amount of color frit applied.
P glass contains some amount of pink, purple or red which costs a significant amount more than other colors because of the metals used as colorant.
Reamy glass has an extra layer of slightly different formula glass applied on the surface to add streaming texture and more refractive qualities.
S glass contains silver which appears milky grey/yellow in ambient light and
brilliant gold yellow in direct sun.
SH glass means the color transitions from dark to light from bottom to top of the sheet.
SP glass has some sort of special treatment such as the twisting of multiple colors to create swirls.
Seeds in glass are bubbles, in scattered or uniform pattern
SF is a treatment to create a surface texture on one side of the glass. This adds to the refractive quality.
Striations are created by rubbing the hot cylinder in a trough spiked with graphite to create fine lines across the surface of the glass adding character and refraction interest - an "antique" look.
V glass means there are variegated color bands across the sheet in light and dark.
What is the sheet size?
The average sheet is between 3 1/2 and 4 square feet, about 22 by 25 inches.  Thickness is just over 1/8 inch.  The weight is approximately 2 pounds per square foot.
Where can I find Fremont Glass in person?

United States



    How can I get a wholesale account?

    We are currently accepting applications for new resell retailers. We are looking for stained glass suppliers who are brick and mortar with established patronage. We prefer to space retailers around 200 miles apart from other Fremont Antique Glass retailers. Please contact us through the website and include the name, address, website of your business and a little bit about you and the business. 

    Wholesale accounts may be available to fulltime artists and studios with proof of resale/business license. Please note that we can not keep up with demand for all special requests. We will do our best to accommodate you. If you have a special color request please email photos of the color or mail samples of the glass you are trying to match. If you do not hear back from us please continue to reach out.

    What are shipping costs?

    Shipping costs for glass purchased through this website are calculated based on the largest sheet of glass you purchase and the total weight and size of the package(s). The calculation presented at time of purchase may not be accurate. If there is an overcharge you will be refunded at the time of shipping.

    Why is shipping so costly?

    To prevent breakage, glass is packaged in large boxes with ample cushion. The larger the box, the more costly, even if it does not weigh much. Many shipping carriers price by a size/weight calculation, and larger costs more. Because of the extra care in glass selection and packing materials, each size box has an associated handling fee that ranges from $5 (smallest box) to $50 (half sheet box). These fees are subject to change at any time to accommodate market rates. 

    How much can fit in a box?

    We use the following size boxes:

    Small, medium, large USPS flat rate, 20.5"x13.5"x8" (can hold up to 6 pieces of glass), 16"x16"x6" (can hold up to 4 pieces of glass), 18"x18"x12" (can hold up to 8 pieces of glass. A piece of glass must have at least 2" of clearance in each dimension to fit in a box. A half sheet box is 28"x18"x18" and can hold a maximum of 6 half sheets or fewer half sheets and more smaller pieces. 

    We do not ship single full sheets. Full sheets are sold via crate.

    How do I buy a crate of full sheets?

    Sturdy wooden crates are banded and then palletized to carry full sheets of glass. Minimum number of sheets in a crate is 12, max is 38. Two crates can be banded together for transport.

    You can work with our sales manager to select glass that is in stock. They will send photos based on what you ask for. If you want specific colors or special orders the wait could be between 3 weeks to 3 months.

    Crating fee is $70, (subject to change) in addition to shipping and handling fees. If you do not have a fork lift or loading dock you will likely need to specify a lift gate (additional charge of approximately $70) to have your crate delivered. Crates can be delivered to an address or picked up at a terminal center.

    All sales are final. Please contact us if there is a problem with your order.

    *Buyer assumes responsibility for any additional taxes or fees for international shipping.

    *Pick up orders - please contact us to arrange a pick up time.