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Fremont Antique Glass

TW G 149 Black and White

TW G 149 Black and White

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G 149 Black and White twists.

 Fremont antique glass is perfectly imperfect. Because Fremont glass is mouth blown, first into a cylinder, then scored open and flattened, no two pieces will be alike. Bubbles, small creases, marks from the flattening process and other human touches may be visible. Pieces may be irregularly shaped. We think you'll find the luminosity unparalleled and the quality of the color exquisite. 

The shipping box will be based on your largest piece of glass. Approximately 5 sheets of similar or smaller sized glass can fit into the same box for about the same fee.  Current box sizes are flat rate medium, large and small and have a $5-$15 handling fee. Boxes 16”x16”x6”, 20”x13x7, 18x18x10 have a $20 handling fee. Half sheets will go in a 28”x18”x18” box and have a $50 handling fee on top of shipping. They can hold up to 6 half sheets. If you are over charged for shipping we will reimburse you. If you have questions about your order please reach out to us on our website contact form. 


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